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The Historic Mini Town shows the market town of Fredericia as it was in 1849. Everything is built in a 1:10 scale.

In 1849 Fredericia was one of the largest market towns in Denmark, a fact reflected by the Historic Mini Town. Only Copenhagen covered a larger area.

Visiting the town behind the ramparts is a great experience. The green earthworks encircle the town. Fredericia's 1849 fortifications have been recreated at the Historic Mini Town. Behind the ramparts you can appreciate the geometric layout of the ruler-straight streets that is familiar from European history. Fredericia was the largest of the fortifications built by Christian IV and Frederik III.

When finished, it will have 1.200 building.

The guides in The Historic Mini Town, who give free tours, will tell you about the history of Fredericia, the individual buildings, industry, farming and canons. All visitors are given a leaflet about the main sights.