Madsby Activity Park is home to lots of different animals, such as cows, goats, pigs and rabbits.

In our spacious aviaries, you can see species such as the common emerald dove, crimson-bellied parakeet, Lady Amherst’s pheasant, zebra finches and plenty more. All these species are widespread in captivity and have been bred in a protected environment for generations.
Indoors and outdoors, you can pay close attention and observe the exciting behaviour of our feathered friends.

Our large red-and-green macaws are some of the biggest parrots in the world. We urge you to keep your hands in your pockets and never try to put your fingers into their enclosure. They can bite your finger off quite easily! For evidence, just take a look at the way they treat the branches in their aviary!

Red-and-green macaws share an enclosure with Venezuelan Amazons, a species you will also find in large parts of South America, where both species normally live in the wild.

Do not feed our animals
It is forbidden to feed our animals with any food that you have brought with you from home.

This is out of consideration for the welfare of the animals. They get plenty of natural food to eat every day and are also given food supplements in the form of pills, hay and straw.

We fully appreciate that it is fun to let your children feed our animals, so we have selected bags of healthy food you can give the animals, that you can buy from our Information Office.

A bag costs only DKK 10.